Envisioning the future of Protection

By Imagination

Curiosity drives innovation. At Carecil we have created the perfect surrounding to foster Imagination and Innovation. Carecil I & I center is not just a thought, it’s an ethos. The ability to innovate is critical to us and for our customers’ business growth.

By Challenge

Our second route of Innovation opens when the customer gets an obstacle. The innovation journey always starts with a challenge or what we frequently assign to as “a problem.” To analyze the best ideas for a specific problem, we keep an open innovation approach to fix our customers’ problems.

Gain competitive advantage through innovation/Address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

Turn ideas into innovative solutions with a unique approach that balances people, process, and technology.

As your trusted innovation partner, we serve you:

  • Identify new coating for better business opportunities
  • Improve product strength for delivering superior coating
  • High-value service and support for your business process transformation
  • Establish a culture of Trust and Respect

Why Coating??

Amidst much of the world’s population living close to water and humidity, Corrosion of metallic components has been an inevitable part of the human experience.

The impacts of corrosion are often expressed in economic terms. Financial losses have been assessed in several studies which concluded that premature materials degradation costs industrialized nations.

According to NACE International’s Impact Study, corrosion costs the world’s economy USD 2.5 trillion each year. That’s equivalent to roughly 3.4% of the global GDP.

Several managements realize that lack of corrosion management can be very costly.

The coating has a tremendous role in our lives and guiding our path. The coating protects great volume of the asset, Infrastructure, Structure, Energy, Ancient wealth, Creature, Art and lastly but most important every Life from the severe corrosive environment.

As Protective perspective, between 15 and 35% of the cost of corrosion could be saved by using a currently available different type of coating.

The decorative coating also has an inevitable role in our society from a set mood of human life to look surrounding atmosphere fresh and energetic. It is beautified our homes and beautified mind. 

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