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Emphasize future innovation

We invest in the future and innovation for the consistent growth of our customers and partners.

Contribution to building a prosperous society

Endow to achieve our thoughts of “every living being have the right to live a life with elementary facility”

Thought Leadership

The solution proposed by technical assistance in business-critical industries.

Covid-19: All we want to know

We prioritize our employees’ health and safety. Beyond the company, it’s our responsibility too to protect society in this Covid-19 situation.

Inspired By Nature We aim to grow with better values to preserve the environment. Inspired By Nature We aim to grow with better values to preserve the environment. We aim to grow with better values to preserve the environment. Inspired By Nature


Oil and Gas

We provide coating solutions to Oil & Gas Industries including the oil processes of an exploration project, extraction, refining, and transporting services.


We offer decades of expertise in delivering reliable and integrity services to the marine industries.

Bridge and Infrastructure

We design an innovative product to be a leader in the growing global infrastructure business that generates new opportunities with higher potential.


Project executions in chemical plants by an experienced technical team with preventive and protective strategies to give our clients focus hard on the best opportunities.


We work across all the major automotive divisions, meaning we understand the underlying drivers in the automotive industries.

Pipeline and Thermal Power

We help your thermal power plant and immersion project to sustain high maintenance standards even in extreme conditions.

We help to choose the right

Carecil developed an advanced technical team to scale up the quality standard of compact and domestic-level business models, we also provide gratuitous consultancy to educate and share detailed technical reports for the drastic growth of customers with quality consistency.

The Global
Cost of Corrosion

The global survey found that implementing corrosion prevention practices could result in the saving of 30-36 % of the cost of damage globally.


Mission-driven to PROTECT Customer’s Assets, Our Values, Social Community, and Environment.
CARECIL is just about what you want in the protective and high-performance coating. From its inception, CARECIL coating constantly challenges itself to push the boundaries of innovation, protection, and technology.

Adhering to The Idea of Beautifying The World with
Future Technology and Innovation.
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