CARECIL always comes with an innovative and stimulating solution for the community. This time CARECIL introduces the CIL foundation.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Our AIM

Carecil’s CIL Foundation implies Care and determination toward society, the environment, and humanity. Under CIL, we measure our success by how we positively affect people, society, and the planet.

CIL accepts the Triple bottom line concept for corporate social responsibility.

Intensive support toward schools!

We reaffirm our dedication to lifelong learning by sponsoring initiatives that improve student skills and capacities at schools.

Environmental Initiatives

Green Chemistry Way

We aim to develop, establish, and push for Green chemistry-based technologies that empower the climate and economy to coexist together, and to establish close and harmonious relationships with an immense spectrum of people and institutions involved in environmental preservation.

Development based on Green Chemistry, We are speeding up a portfolio for Water-based products.

Taking care of the planet

CIL’s aim for growth is in harmony with the environment by seeking to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. So We start mass afforestation and encouraging and educating farmers to adopt technology in the agriculture sector.

Carecil implements an ideology of respect for communities by worshipping folklore, customs, and history. During festival seasons in India, all radiant faces come together for a celebration. 

There is a unique way of celebrating and getting inner peace by doing so. CIL helps children during Navratri to celebrate their part.

At the economical front, Our board of director doing great for the country.

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